January 27, 2012

ManGlaze Swatches

I finally took the plunge and purchased some ManGlaze polishes, and I'm so glad I did. These polishes are AMAZING!

First up is Mayonnaise or Mayo. This is now my new favorite white in my collection.

This was two coats.

The texture on this was awesome. It applied really easily.

I also added a top coat and this is where this polish just explodes with goodness. 

Check out the sparkly goodness that comes out once you apply a top coat.

Next up is Butt Taco. The name on this one really makes me laugh. I love how fresh and edgy ManGlaze is. 

This is simply gorgeous in Matte form. 

Next is with top coat. 

This is when I really got excited. I never realized these polishes had all this hidden goodness in them.

Finally is Matte is Murder. This is the perfect matte black in my opinion.

Next is with top coat. With top coat there are no words to describe how outrageous this is.

This was so gorgeous I had to keep it on. There was no way I was taking this off lol.

I hope you guys liked these. I will definitely be purchasing more of these. They are just so fabulous.

Also on a side note thier customer service is the bomb! I had a mix up with my package and within 10 minutes of my email with concerns I got a call from Marc from ManGlaze. He was so helpful and so on it. I drove the man crazy thinking my polishes where missing. He handled my hysteria quite well, as I was close to hysterics when I thought my new babies were lost. I was talking real fast and like a cray polish nut that sniffs polish fumes or somethin' hahahaha. He was super sweet and super nice. My silly mail man dropped them at the wrong house. Thank God for good ole mid-westerners and there honesty of returning things. In New York that box would have been GONE and never seen again. If I was brave enough to approach my neighbor asking for a missing package, she would have said she didn't have them as she sported Butt Taco on her toes and fingers, threatening to cut me lol :P

I will be buying more of thier polishes (not only for thier beauty) but for there top notch customer service. Seems like a great company to be tossing my paychecks to LOL!!

Sally's Beauty Savvy Femme Couture Swatches

I'm headed back to Sally's Beauty Supply for more of the Savvy Femme Couture Nail polishes that were marked down to $1.99. Since my Orange Overload Mani, I just had to get more of these beauties.

I picked up 4 more.

Very awesome polishes I have to say.
Here they are swatched on my nails.

(Left to Right - Purple Shock, Ebony Black Nail Art, Red Caviar and Deja Blue)

Check out the Beautiful shimmer in the last 3 polishes.

Red Caviar was the most impressive and shocking once on the nail. 

These are definitely worth a trip to Sally's for.

Thanks for visiting!


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