March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!! Candy Lacquer Easter Garden

Purchased by Me

First, I want to mention that I had a horrible nail break this weekend. With Easter upon us I did a lot of cooking, and sure enough I snapped a few nails. I hate uneven nails, so they all had to be filed down from the breaks. I actually like to keep my nails really short and they had gotten too long lately (to me at least), so I was going to file them down any way. I really like my nails as nubs :) 

I usually HATE taking pictures of polishes right after I file them so drastically. I have skin that sticks out past the nail, and that skin takes a few days to shrink back under the nail. I hate the way it looks, so please excuse the PAINFUL looking nubs.

Today I have Candy Lacquer's Easter Garden. I layered it over Sation's Magic Mani Bus.

I really believe this should have been called, 'Everything but the Kitchen Sink', lol. There is EVERYTHING in this polish. There are square, round, hex, flower, and butterfly shaped glitters in this in all various colors and sizes. It's a wild polish!!

I love it!! This polish is exactly what they mean when you hear the term 'Glitter Bomb'.

If Spring exploded into a bottle of nail polish, it would look like this! The formula needs to be thinned quite a bit and the dabbing method is definitely recommended for this. Brushing this polish on will just result in clumping, since it is so packed full of glitters.

I really hope everyone is having a Happy Easter with there friends and family. Mine is going wonderful so far, but there is more cooking and preparing to be done. I'm only half way through the eating feast that goes on in my house lol.

Purchased by Me


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