April 1, 2011

I'm Alive!

I'm alive - I SWEAR!!!! :)

It's been a crazy crazy 2011 and I'm wanting to get back to posting here.  For my followers you all know several months ago I cut my finger (3 posts down). It was s silly cut but it was very painful.  WELL I hate myself for complaining about it....I think what happened after that was pay back for me whining over a small cut.

December 31, 2010 (New Year's Eve) I was in the Kitchen washing glasses. I did NOT have my rubber gloves on. I know I know, I hear the gasps now lol.  Just one of those stupid moves you make when you are in a rush. I was washing a glass and cleaning the rim (all that super awesome lip gloss that ends up on your glass rim LOL).  I was cleaning the rim and the glass popped on me and cut me instantly. I WAS SO SHOCKED (Now, 3 months later, it still shocks me when I think about it). I couldn't even look - All the blood that was everywhere told me it was very bad.  The front of my shirt and jeans where nasty within moments. The kitchen counters and sink where covered in red.

Needless to say I was rushed to the ER, it was that bad.  RESULT: I cut my entire right hand pinky open :( Sliced it completely.  I got 7 or 8 Stitches all up and down my pinky and the side of my hand.  When I think back now I know I was in shock for days after that.  The first few days I couldn't even move my whole arm. That's how bad it was.

Well it depressed me so much that I stopped doing my polish. I actually couldn't :( The first month I couldn't even wash my hair. Thank god for Kelly washing and helping me to fix my hair that whole month else I wouldn't even be able to look normal. The stitches came out after 10 days but the cut was nowhere healed. 

Month 2 (February) was a little better, but not by much. Normal hand functions where complicated. I couldn't write or hold a pen well, I couldn't do any of that normal stuff.  Just managing my hairdryer and hairbrush in each hand was a challenge alone. I do cards and I was struggling for hours to to hold the markers and do my whole process. I just plain ole stopped doing nail polish :( 

It is now month 3 (March) and it's much better, but still not 100%.  It still hurts a lot and gets sore a lot in that hand, but I can do things a lot easier now.  I have been really wanting to get back into polish and pick up from where I left off - YIPPEEEEE. The old habits and urges are coming back! Just before this all happened, I had purchased Wing-it with my Swagbucks money. I got a free polish and couldn't even use it. Now how sad is that?! LOL!!

For those of you who are interested I'm going to include a photo after the jump of my cut finger right after the stitches where put in at the ER. I had my iphone on me and took a snapshot.  


I REPEAT - THE PICTURE AFTER THE JUMP IS GRAPHIC AND SHOWS MY CUT AND STITCHES so I would really appreciate it  - that if you decide to look - you don't get mad at me for posting a graphic gore picture like that LOL!

For those of you that stop reading here, I will be back soon to post more Nails Stuffs - yippeeee.
For the brave souls here - Click the READ MORE link below...


When I look at this I still feel shock. Pretty Bad huh :( Well this is why I haven't been doing the polish thing. Three months later (Now) it's getting better and I REALLY want to do my nails again - YIPEEEEEE. The urge is so strong the last few weeks so I think it's my body telling me that it is okay to start doing my nails again. It's not 100 percent healed, but it's close enough. I will include a current picture of my hand so you guys can see how it's progressed. 

Thanks so much for visiting guys and see you all again soon!!!


  1. That looks so painful! I hope it improves soon.

  2. Oh no! So sorry! Glad you're healing properly.

  3. That looks terribly painful ! I hope you're getting well soon.

  4. You poor love! Hopefully that's looking and feeling much better now. xoxo



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