November 21, 2010

Smitten with you ,,,,

I was digging threw some old pictures and found this and realized I never posted it.  The base nail color is Smitten With Mittens by OPI and topped with a practice Konad.  I think for Christmas this year I want a red and white look similar to this, but of course more holiday oriented.

The Hello Kitty was yuck - the little beads I used for her eyes made her look like a scary alien LOL.  The rest wasn't bad and I like to post all my attempts even when they are disastrous.  My Finger is healing well, but I can't put nail polish or nail polish remover anywhere near it so I will just have to be patient and leave my nails unpainted for a bit. 

Thanks for visiting guys ...more to come (even with a hurt finger) lol.

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