August 8, 2012

The Indie Showdown: Floam versus other Indie Sand Polishes

Today I have a really fun post for you guys. I finally got my hands on Nail-Venturous's FLOAM! It took be forever to finally get it, but it's mine *insert evil happy laugh here* lol! 

A lot of you have seen a million swatches of Floam, so I decided to do something different for you all today. I'm going swatch compare it to other Indie Polishes that are similar. Since Floam's birth, a lot of other 'sand' type polishes have emerged throughout the indie world, so I thought it would be fun to compare them all. Hopefully my swatches today can help you decide which you like best! 

This is three coats each on their own. 

As you can see there are no dupes here. Each is individual and has it's own characteristics. Yes my Good to Go is slightly pink - I used it on red polish my first day lol.

Since this is a bit pic heavy, please click READ MORE to continue...

These are pictured in order of how I have them swatched in my pictures, from index finger to pinky finger.

First we have Nail-Venturous's original Floam. I was lucky enough to get this in it's original bottle. Ninja Polish (where Floam is now being sold) has changed the bottle. I hate do not like the new bottle design so I feel lucky to have the original bottle.

Next up is Naild'it Vegas Sands. I feel this one is closest to Floam. The major difference is it has an additional red colored glitter added into the mix.

Third we have Pretty and Polished's Sand Art. This is also similar to Floam, but unlike Vegas Sands it has added pink and purple glitters instead of the red.

Last but not least is Naild'it Froggy Pond. I know this one is much darker, but I wanted to show you guys just how much darker it is. This has black glitters in it, with a larger purple hex glitter.

Each is very different. I can honestly say I love them all. I do not even have a favorite here, which is unlike me not to be able to decide. They are all so pretty in there own way.

I'm so glad I own all of them. Now I do know there are other polishes out there that are similar, but these were all I had on hand for the comparison. 

Which is your favorite? I would love to hear what you guys think!


  1. Thanks for the comparison! It is really great to see them side by side. They are all awesome. I'm still lusting after the original Floam but Vegas Sands would do it for me as well, I think. Sand Art is beautiful too, though... now I want that one too!

  2. Great comparison!! I've been looking at polishes similar to floam and this helped me out a lot! :D

  3. They are all so pretty! I must get my hands on Vegas Sands!

  4. out of those I think Sand Art looks the prettiest =)

  5. I just happen to have all 4 of these on the way to me lol! Great pictures!

  6. Gorgeous polishes and great comparisons, I love indie polishes x

  7. Nail Pattern Boldness has one called Flipping Out Hard, which looks a lot like Floam, but brighter colours! It's very cool, and seeing as Floam isn't going to be made any more, it's probably the best bet! That or Vegas Sands :)

    1. I didn't have Flipping out hard at the time when I did this. I'm considering redoing this comparison, leaving out Froggy Pond and adding in Flipping Out Hard :)

  8. You totally should! I just ordered Flipping Out Hard, cause I hear there will be no more restocks of Nail Venturous :( so no Floam for me! I'd love to see how they do compare in a swatch!



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