April 11, 2010

Milani Digital

First I want to say hello and WELCOME to all my new followers, thank you for visiting and for all the kind comments that I have been receiving :)

Today I decided to take advantage of the sunlight that I finally got.  I wanted something soft and delicate but with a punch, and Milani Digital has delivered. This is two coats and I did not put a Top Coat on.  I heard Top Coats dull Holos, so I wanted to try without one first.

With this you have to search for the holo a little, but it's there if you look close enough.

I'm trying to improve my photo skills and hopefully you guys like these shots as much as my usual style.

Let me know if you guys like the new photo style lol.  Leave your thoughts in the comments!

Thanks for visiting.


  1. Very pretty holo and nails! I hear you can see the holo more in the shade...is that so? I love your picture taking style :) I'm still practicing too but, I want a new camera :)


  2. It think for me it seems more holo in sunlight, and how you angle your nails. I was trying so hard to capture it. It is so much more holo IRL. I have been practicing and now I'm getting way up close lol.

  3. Wow what a great Nailpolish...nice Color and Glittereffect and of course... great Nails :-)

    Thx for this Pictures


  4. Wow, great colour:) and your nails are gorgeous! Love your pics

  5. Hi! I'm your new follower!
    I'm soo glad I found your blog, you're doing a wonderful work here<3
    Like your nails and Milani too! They look nice together! =P
    Yes, I do like your photo style<3 Keep up the good work!

  6. @ Tiana,

    WELCOME!! I'm so glad you found me as well :) Glad you like the pictures and thanks for being a follower!

  7. hey girl...I just want to tag you :)


  8. @ rmcandlelight

    THANK YOU!! ((HUGZ)) :)

  9. Hi new follower,here too! This is very similar to Nubar Brilliant from their Prism collection. I may have to get the two out and do a swatch comparison! Love the holo goodness!

  10. @ Starlight - Welcome! I do not have the Nubar but from what I hear it's got a great deal more Holo then this one so it would be FABULOUS I bet! I am working on adding some Nubars to my collection soon, I only started doing my nails myself this past Novemebr - so much to buy lol!


  11. Love the holos! I bought the entire Milani collection. I had on Cyberspace and then decided to put on OPI's DS Amethyst. OPI is so much better. Darn the Milani also cost more. Oh well, stillit's a pretty shade.

  12. @ Lucy - Yes I agree the Milani's are a 'weak' holo but they were so pretty I just had too :)



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