April 18, 2010

Maybelline Colorama Happiness - Sonic Sunset

I just have a quick post for tonight.  I spent my entire day out in my yard mowing, digging, cleaning up, planting, power washing the drive and on and on. I love spending time outside, so I have a whole game plan for the summer of outside projects and started today.  I even helped my neighbor transplant a tree today as well. I feel pretty dead to the world right now hahaha. EVERYTHING HURTS, but I snuck in a quick mani refresh today on a break lol. I had on Orly Happily Ever After and I refreshed it with my Maybelline Colorama Sonic Sunset.  Flakie LOVE!!!! I have serious tip wear, but I blame the yard work for that hahaha.

I would also like to say thank you all for the wonderful comments, and for those who tagged me with the 'I Love Your Blog' Award. Tomorrow I will be dedicating a post to it :)

Here's my Mani Refresh w/Sonic Sunset


OMG I so love these Flakies. I could probably use this topcoat on every creme mani I do. The best part is I got this as a extra in a swap.  I can't tell you how sweet and kind that is.  I love it!

Thanks for visiting and I hope you all are having a wonderful weekend.

(PS.  I'm struggling with my new Camera lol.  It's tough getting a hang of it, but I will keep at it until I get it right. These pictures are pretty color accurate it's weird the Top Coat changed how it looked, but I still LOVE it)


  1. Wow!! Ok, I am in love with this combination. That is beautiful! I'm glad you had a chance to sneak in time to do your nails it was totally worth it!

  2. @ StardustStephanie

    I'm so glad you like it, it seriously is beautiful and I've been staring at mt fingers ever since :)

  3. Looks so pretty! I haven't seen any Maybelline flakies in my area. This is really pretty!

  4. Beautiful manicure! Love those flakies also. After doing all that yard work so still have gorgeous nails, amazing! I love cutting flowers or watering a garden but not getting my hands in the dirt. Always creeped me out. I swear that in another life I was buried alive. I also used to have nightmares when I was young of being buried in a coffin and trying to get out. Thank God I don't have them anymore. Wish I could find those Maybelline's. I think Brook finds everthing good at the Dollar Store and nothings left for me. lol.

  5. @ Lucy My Dollar Tree is bad bad bad too. I'm not a fan of dirt either. I'm originally from NY and now in Missouri and I'm just getting use to the yard work, but I loe gardens!

  6. WOW!! I love the combination, i can see i'm going have to hunt down sonic sunset also.

  7. This is a beautiful combination! I wouldn't have guessed Happily Ever After could look like that.

  8. This looks so cool over black.



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