February 21, 2013

Snow and MORE Snow...with Light Show

(This is the second post for today, scroll down one post if you would like to see my candle and warmer tart collection.)

Tonight, here in Missouri it is snowing like CRAZY!!! We have had easily 10 inches so far, and the snow continues. SNOW...and MORE SNOW.  I wanted to do my nails to reflect the weather, so I decided on Light Snow from Naild'it.

(EDIT: Sorry guys, but the polish is called LIGHT SHOW, not Light Snow.) 
Instead of Snow nails I have a tongue twister. Light Show in the Light Snow ...LOL!

This is three coats of Light Show alone. I adore polishes with large black dot glitters like this. These truely end up being my favorite polishes of all glitters.

It has so many shapes, sizes and colors of different glitters. There is even a small amount of black bar glitter that I really like in this polish, it stands out against the light background. 

I did not place these dots, I got lucky and they brushed on with just regular polish strokes. The one thing I did do, which I have done in the past, is I 'wiped' the dots. Once the dots are on the nail I let them sit a bit, and then I take my finger and wipe them clean of polish. This way they are bold and really stand out.  You can also use a small brush with a drop of acetone on it and wipe quickly.

Here is a close up of the glitters. Look at the pretty sparkle going on in this polish.

Thanks so much for visiting, and I hope all of those effected by the snow in the Midwest stay safe and warm.

As far as the snow here, this is what it looks like so far - LOTS!

(*The following polish was sent to me for my honest review)


  1. Look at that snow! Love your mani!

  2. Holy snow!!! Glad your staying warm at least! ps... Naild'it color is called Light Show not snow :)
    BUT its no biggi, youre amazing thanks for swatching for me!!

  3. I have this one and had no idea it had those large black glitters in it, probably cause I haven't used it yet. I'm not sure I will use them though, I like it without. Also, I think it's called Light Show.

    I'm in KS and I think we got somewhere between 12-14 inch. Crazy! I shoveled our driveway twice and helped neighbore for almost 7 hrs of shoveling (not in a row). I'm sore!

  4. Very pretty!! This is in my untried pile...I may have to dig it out for my next mani. Thanks for the wiping the dots tip. That really does make them stand out!



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