February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day

 Today I have a super fun, but VERY long post (sorry to dail-up users). I last minute ordered Rainbow Polish's Valentine's Day Polish Set and never thought I would get it in time, well it came in the mail yesterday and I was so excited!!! 

(*Please note: the Special Delivery Ornament is mine, and was purchased from Hobby Lobby. This ornament is not part of the set).

It came in a really cute plastic heart container wrapped with a red ribbon bow. It was so cutely packaged I almost didn't want to open it lol. Of course I did open it, with much excitement! The set includes three polishes..

They are so sparkly and pretty and SCREAM Valentine's Day.

 (*Please note: The Kisses Glitter Ornament is not part of the set, and was purchased by me at Hobby Lobby).

I just could not get enough pictures of these beauties...

As you can see the glitter in these are F-abulous....

I in no way could decide which I liked better. I love Pretty in Pink (the name alone had me), but Kelly's fav color (my Hubby) loves purple, and Sugar Kisses has Hearts in it (Perfect for Valentine's Day)... SO ....I decided to do them all lol. 

I started with this pattren as my base coats...

 Thumb and Pinky: China Glaze Naked
Ring Finger and Index Finger: China Glaze Make An Entrance
Middle Finger: BB Couture Joker (Much more purple toned - my camera made it show more blue here) 

Thumb and Pinky Finger: Sugar Kisses
Index and Ring Finger: Pretty in Pink
Middle Finger: Lovender 

  Epppp, how cute is this?!! :) I LOVE HOW THIS TURNED OUT!!!

Tonight we have a Healing Hearts class (how appropriate for Valentine's Day). It's part of Kelly's rehab and since he wasn't able to go all week with the Hospital Procedure Monday we decided to go to the class. This manicure will be so fun to have on for the class. My Pinky and Thumb finger even have hearts!

The shimmer that is in the base it just gorgeous. I seriously want to lick my fingers hehehehehe, it looks like sugar!

As you can see I took a Gazillion pictures of my nails too lol. 

A one last parting shot!!! 

Hope you guys liked this as much as I did. Sorry for the 1000 pictures lol.

 Here is the last of my pictures (there are more LOL)....

Kelly got me three more items for my Pandora Bracelet. The Flower Safety Chain, The Owl Charm and the Love birds charm for my Valentine's Day gift. I so love them!!! He is the best Hubby in the world.

(we are big time into birds and after this weekend getaway we have planned you will see the significance of these charms) 

And last but not least, I left my Xmas tree up in my Nail Polish room and decorated it for Valentine's Day cuz I'm Crazy like that lol.  I will be leaving it up and decorating it for each holiday this year, that's just how I roll LOL (CRAZY ROLL)!

Hope you all have a wonderful Valentine's Day!



  1. LOVE! I love your tree too!
    The pictures look great!

  2. hahah i loved your valentines day tree! great idea! love it!

  3. WOW, you really are into Valentine's day :-) Love your manicure as well: all those colours and glitters are lovely! Well done <3

  4. I have to say, you have a great blog, great pics, very entertaining and I loooove the all year round tree idea! How cute!



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