March 23, 2010

Nail Tip #1: A Quick Mani Scrub for on the go - A Mini Spa Mid Day!

I posted this on the MUA Nail Board, but I wanted to add it here for those of you that may have missed it or do not frequent the Nail Board.

As I was sitting in my office last week, bored to near death lol, I came up with a great idea for a quick Mani scrub for all of us that are trapped in offices all day or just trapped away from home. This can also be used on the go too, when you are out to eat, at the movies, anywhere really.

Sometimes sitting in an office or out in public I get to looking at my cuticles and they look so haggered. I know we have all been there, I over examine :) I always wish I was home were all my products are cuz I want a quick pick me up, outside of using just oils and Flutter Butter which are tucked away inconspicuiosly in my desk drawers or in my purse. I'm not wanting anyone to see the amount of products I lug around with me on a daily basis HA!

Well here's the solution. SUGAR PACKETS. Yes, you heard me right, good old fashion sugar packets.

Every office I know usually has a coffee area. If you are out just keep packets handy in your purse or most eating places/movies etc have sugar packets somewhere. If your on a long drive pull over at a McDonalds and take a mini spa break. Grab yourself 2 or 3 of the disposable sugar packets, but use real granulated sugar, no diet sugar ladies (hehehe). Your going to make a scrub not eat it - I promise!

Go into whatever public bathroom you're at and dump the sugar in the palm of your hands, mix in whatever generic pink (or blue) soap is in the dispenser lol. Leave it somewhat dryish. This will create an awesome nail scrub. Scrub your cuticles and nails for 60 seconds, and then rinse with warm water. When your done just look down and you should see nice fresh cuticles. Any and all lose dry skin or over polish etc that was there before should disappear. Now, proceed on your way smiling and refreshed and rub in whatever creams or oils you have tucked away in your purse and enjoy :)

I have used this several times this week at my office and WOWzers big difference. I pretty much skip cuticle remover mid week now and use the remover less frequently. Hope you enjoyed this. If you have any of your own secret tips please post them in the comments. I love learning new secret tips too!

Thanks for visiting!

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