March 23, 2010

A Major lemming, frustration and FLY FISHING???

Hi Ladies :)

I have a hysterical story to share with you all regarding a serious lemming and Fly Fishing. You are probably asking yourself, FLY FISHING!!!?? What is she talking about lol. Let me explain....

I have been lemming Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Trick or Treat for months and months now, ever since I first laid eyes on it's glorious beauty. I have searched high and low for it, and have had nothing but frustration and dead end searches. During my search I hit Yahoo search engine and typed in 'Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Trick or Treat' and what do I find? A Fly Fishing site with instructions on how to create a homemade fishing fly?? In the instructions the gentlemen explains that he uses Sally Hansen Trick or Treat to coat the bottom of the fly for reflective purposes - WHAAAAAAT!! I wasn't sure whether to laugh or cry over this - I think I did both lol. Here I am killing myself (losing sleep) searching for this polish, and here this guy is off painting his fishing lures with it - NOOOOO!!! HAHA. You just have to laugh at this.

What is funnier than this? I actually emailed him and asked if he had additional bottles I could purchase LOL!! He's probably calling the police to report me (hehehe) or just deleting my email as 'Whacko alert' lol!!!


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