March 25, 2010

My First Franken

I'm so excited to show you all my very first Franken! I finally convinced myself I can do this! I love it :)

(click the image below to see a larger version w/ names listed)

 - LA Colors Clear Coat purchased at Dollar General for 1$
 - Loreal 231 purchased at Dollar Tree for 1$
 - WnW Black and Red purchased at CVS for .99$ each
 - Franken bottle purchased at Big Lots (Originally a Revelon Sweet Thing) 1$

I started with 3/4 of the clear coat and added 1/4 of The Loreal.  After I added a few drops of the red and a few drops of the black.

I haven't named it yet...but I'm going to sleep on it.  If you have any suggestions for a name please leave it in the comments!

Thanks for visiting


  1. just found your blog!
    I think you should call your franken Raspberry Hooch :)

    It's gorg!
    (NanRx on the NB)

  2. LOL!!!! I totally love that idea :) That's such a cute suggestion! Thanks for visiting :)

  3. Love the franken! And, AMAZING tip with the sugar packets! I did that the other day and my cuticles looked great afterwards. I'll definitely be doing that more often. Welcome, I look forward to reading more!

  4. Looks really nice! :)

    How about Hoochies cherry pie? mmm cherries! :D

  5. Nancy - Thanks for visiting. I am so glad that you found me! Great suggestion liking that one a lot!

  6. Georgia - I'm so glad you tried the sugar packet scrub. I do it myself all the time now and it's FABulous. Welcome and Thanks for visitng!

  7. Johanna - Your right! They do look like cheeries lol. That's a great name suggestion too and I will consider it. I figure I will give it some to to roll around in my head and decide by the end of the weekend what I'm going to call her lol!

  8. Oh, that's a perfect raspeberry jelly!
    I've been trying to make a similar franken but I just can't get it right.

  9. Gorgeous! I agree with the first comment. Raspberry Hooch!



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