January 4, 2013

Party Time - New Years :) and Rainbow Polish

Hi Guys,

Today I wanted to show you guys my nails that I wore on New Years Eve to celebrate the start of 2013. This is three coats of Essie Greenport topped with Rainbow Polishes Havasu. RP is becoming a new favorite Indie polish for me, her stuff is truly FABULOUS!.

This manicure was so sparkly and fun. It reminded me of confetti and a big ole party. It was just perfect for bringing in the New Year. I can not tell you the amount of compliments I have received on these nails. I lost count lol. 

As you can tell this picture is not taken under my normal photo tent that I usually use for my nail shots. I had family visiting for the holidays and the tent had to be put up. I usually have my photo tent set up in my guest room, and it was occupied with my guests. I just snapped this the old fashion way lol.

The reason I choose this color scheme is I wanted it to match with my new   Jawbone Up Fitness bracelet that I got from Kelly for Christmas. I wanted to have nails to match haha :)

The Jawbone UP is AMAZING....it tracks your sleep, activity levels, steps, food intake and on and on. It has really motivated me to get into shape for 2013. Here are some of the things it does...

 YES - it does all of that.  I absolutely love it and it has not come off my
 wrist since I received it. HERE is a link for the bracelet if you guys are interested in checking into it furthur.

My nails and bracelet where a perfect match and I brought in the New Year with some serious BLING. I loved this manicure so much I STILL HAVE IT ON....just the smallest amount of tip wear and no chips!!!  I can not tell you the last time I kept a polish on for this long. I have no new posts yet since it's still on LOL!!! I probably will wear it into the weekend 
**** shocked gasps**** :)

Do you guys like it? I would love to hear what you guys wore to bring in the New Year, leave it in the comments below!

I hope everyone had a wonderful and safe New Years!!!


  1. That is just gorgeous! I never heard of Rainbow Polish before, will def check them out! And the bracelet is mind blowing to this old-timer, lol! Like something out of Star Trek!

  2. Very pretty! Great color combo!

  3. Love it!! Love the background color and the colorful glitters on it. I find it so pretty altogether. Perfect mani for any occasion. Great choice!



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