August 26, 2012

We interrupt our regularly scheduled program for....

Bath and Body Works Anti Bacterial Mini Lotions!

Have no fear, the Dollish Polish Mario Collection Marathon will continue later this evening as scheduled!

I headed out to Bath and Body Works last night for a quick stop for some Anti Bac lotions. I love these little things! I like to collect them lol :) They are always 5$ for 5. The Halloween set was released and I needed to get my hands on them...

(Edit:  Hoot Berry is NOT part of the Halloween Set)

Super cuties!!! 

First up is Bat Bite. How cute is that name? It's Apple scented, and super yummy. 

Next is Pumpkin. If you only purchase one out of the set, this should be it. It has an awesome spicy pumpkin scent that is to die for! I may have to go back for 5 of these alone.

Vampire Blood is next. The labels on these are so cute! This has a very very sweet plum smell.

My favorite is next, which is BOO. This is marshmallow scented. It really does smell like marshmallow goodness.

Also in this awesome Halloween collection is Ghoul Friend. I think this is the cutest of all the names of these. It got a good giggle out of me when I first read the label. This one smells like fruit punch Kool-aid for me, and it's super yum! 

Next we have, Brew Berry. This has a really pleasant berry scent that I love.

 Next is Candy Corn. You can not have Halloween without the smells of Candy Corns.This is another must have from this set. I seriously want to go out a buy Candy Corns now - YUM YUM YUM on this one. 

 Finally is Hoot Berry. This one is also berry scented but it's not as strong as Brew Berry. I'm hoping once it used on the hands the smell will get stronger. I'm not sure why they went with an owl on this one, I would have used a black cat personally myself lol. This one also does not have a black top and seems odd in the set. It was in with all the other Halloween ones, so I just assumed it was part of the set. For all I know - it's not LOL!

EDIT: Thanks to Lori we now know that Hoot Berry is part of another set, NOT the Halloween Set - opppsie :)

I love collecting these. I work in a profession where I'm touching money lots and you are constantly using anti bac rubs. These are so fun and smell so much better versus your typical plain Anti Bac brands.

Stay tuned later tonight for the continuation of the Dollish Polish Mario Collection Swatch Marathon! 

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  1. Thanks for sharing! I LOVE Halloween and I love the pocket bacs, so I will definitely have to get these! I looked on the B&BW website and apparently the Hoot Berry isn't part of the Halloween set after all. They have it listed with the 'Animal Fun' bundle set. Oh, and they have all the Halloween ones in a bundle for $7! Awesome! =)

    1. I had a felling the Hoot Berry wasn't part of it - Thanks for the info, that's really helpful!

  2. i am addicted to these too!! always love the halloween ones the most :) def stopping in for some!



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