August 26, 2012

Dollish Polish 1-UP

As promised here is the next polish in the Dollish Polish Mario Collection swatch Marathon. 

Please note this is my second post today - If you would like to see my earlier post on Bath and Body Works Halloween Pocket Anti Bac Mini lotions click Here.

Tonight I used Dollish Polish 1-UP.
I turned it into a Halloween polish lol.  This is 3 coats of Orly Crush on You, which I picked up last night at Sally's for .75 cents! I wasn't passing that up :) with 2 coats of 1-UP. 

The Orly did dry a bit darker than I would have liked, but it's still perfect for the Fall and for Halloween Indies.

The glitters in this polish are pretty straight forward. There are green hex glitters and super fine green micro glitters (love that part), white large hex glitters, smaller white square glitters, and white bar glitters.

I'm also going to layer this over white for New York football JETS games. It's the perfect polish for that! My two favorite things in one polish HALLOWEEN and JETS FOOTBALL lol.

Like I mentioned earlier, this as some really amazing super fine green micro glitter. You can see it best in my close ups. It really is pretty!

I will definitely be using this polish a lot. The formula was amazing (I did thin it) and the glitters went on pretty easily.

I'm so impressed with these polishes, and this particular collection. According to the Dollish Polish Facebook page, this set will available again sometime in  the Fall. I suggest if you can, to purchase the whole set. I believe it's very affordable in mini size, and bit more of a wallet buster in full size.

Thanks for visiting and stay tuned tomorrow evening for the next polish. I have 2 left in the series.

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