July 8, 2012

Sticks and Stones take 2 with Matte added

Today I added a Matte coat to my Mani from yesterday.  I have not been able to leave a Mani alone and not mess with beauty lol. It's very difficult not to add a glitter top coat, matte, etc to a plain base color.

How much does Cover Bands Sticks 'n Stones rock. This stuff blows my mind and I want to put it on everything lol!

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With Matte Coat

My China Glaze Matte Magic was very very thick. I wasn't sure if I could use thinner on this to make it useable. The lovely ladies over at the nail board on Makeupalley said that thinner is fine in Matte coat, and sure enough is worked like a charm and I have a usable Matte coat now.

I can still see the purple flash in the Base coat, so I'm really happy about how it came out.

I always think about using Matte Coat on a Mani, once I'm removing it and it's too late lol. This time I thought about it ahead of time - :)

This bottle of Matte is a mini that I grabbed at Sally's Beauty Supply with no thought. It's pretty much half empty, so I am wanting to replace it. What is your fav Matte coat and why?

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  1. omgg love this matte! also matte magic looks awesome... think i need that one, not in love with my essie matte about you

  2. matte coat has a different feel altogether...both ideas are equally good...when u apply a matte coat,it feels like u hav fake nail on..like some pro nail art...love ur collection always



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