July 25, 2012

Polishing late night = Hot Mess Fail (Indie spotlight in disguise)

Today I wanted to try out my new China Glaze Desert Sun polish from the new Safari collection. I was thinking about Fall manicure ideas (hoping that the thoughts of Fall will stop this insane never ending heat wave we are having in the Mid-West).

I applied this late last night. I have not been feeling well, and I think I was half asleep. Polishing late at night = a HOT MESS FAIL lol!

I have been doing a lot of Indie Spotlights and was wanting to do something PLAIN *holds back the urges of smoothering this with glitter*.

Blah - never going to apply a creme in a rush late at night anymore. This is what happens when you do...

My middle finger is lumpy looking and my free edges look a mess, but nail polish is not always so perfect so I decided to post the pics anyway. The polish itself was a beautiful formula and very easy to apply and this color is so cool. It's hard to explain it, but it definitely screams Fall to me.

Since I hated my application on this one, I decided to cover it up with glitter *breaks down so easily* lol. I decided on KB Shimmer's Orange Pop.

This manicure went through a lot of phases ...

Click 'Read More' if you would like to see all the phases this morphed through.

I first added Indie polish Kb Shimmer's Orange Pop. This polish is fabulous. It was really easy to apply, not thick at all. This is two coats and the glitters spread perfectly, no fussing with the glitters here.

 Super sparkly and pretty!!!

At this point I was happier with it, but not 100%. Without hesitation I took out a Matte Top Coat. I usually use Matte Magic by China Glaze, but I picked up the Hard Candy Matte version and was anxious to try it out.

The first thing I noticed was shrinkage :( No top coat had went on at this point, so it had to be the new Matte top coat. I have been thinning my Matte Magic and I did not thin this one, so I'm going to hold out on a final opinion of it. I also started with a bad application on my creme base coat, so it could have been that too. In the end I do love how this came out. It's perfect for the Fall. 

The color on this is not totally accurate (very close). It has more of a dusty orange color - just like a pumpkin. I love it this way. 

What do you guys think? This poor manicure was just an experiment for Fall and turned out to be a huge ordeal lol. Love it - hahaha! 


  1. ooohh i do like the layering with the KB - desert sun is the perfect base colour!

  2. I love the glitter blanket you layed on the CG formula, I honestly think it doesn't look like a fail at all. I hope you're getting to feeling better princess :)

  3. I love matte over glitter, this is really cute and you can't tell your middle finger is lumpy - I love how us nail bloggers are so critical of ourselves, yet most folks don't notice the imperfections like we do!

    1. ITA! We ARE so critical as nail bloggers. My SO always says I'm too hard on myself with my nails. It's supposed to be fun Lol!



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