July 26, 2012

Indie Spoltlight: Naild'It Summer Lovin Collection

Today I have three Indie polishes from Naild'it that can be found on her shop at Etsy. These are all from the Summer Lovin Collection - Summer Lovin Water, Summer Lovin Melon and Summer Lovin Sun-Flower Seeds.

I did swatches with both SV top coat and with a Hard Candy matte top coat. I am loving the Indie polishes once mattified!  

Click 'Read More' to see all the swatches. Warning: very picture heavy! 

 First is Summer Lovin Water. I really like blue polishes. I think blues look the best on my skin coloring. This is in a clear base and the best part of this polish is the fabulous purple and blue glitter color mix. This makes me think of moving water. These polishes are beyond fabulous and so dead on in names. The base color is Revlon Denim Dash.



With Hard Candy matte top coat.



Next is Summer Lovin Melon. This polish is in a clear base and has a great mix of glitters. My favorite are the black round shaped glitters. They make me think of 'seeds', so it's perfect for this line. I did not have to fish the larger glitters out, there are plenty in there so  they surface easily on their own. My base color is three coats of China Glaze Purple Panic Neon. This ends up looking more pink on me instead of purple. This polish is a neon and is much brighter IRL, neons are extremely difficult to photograph.

with Hard Candy's matte top coat.

Finally is Summer Lovin Sun-Flower Seed. This is my favorite in the whole collection - I LOVE THIS!!! This is also in a clear base with random white, green, orange, yellow, and black glitters. This also has the large black round 'seed' glitters that I like so much. I love the small micro white and black glitter in this, it really makes that 'sunflower' look here. My base color is three coats of China Glaze Happy Go Lucky.

 With Hard Candy matte top coat.


Phew - That was long post lol. So what do you guys think? Do you love this collection as much as I do!?

Thanks for visiting!!


  1. looove these! sunflower seeds is quite amazing

  2. Oh wow, these are awesome! Lovin Water looks amazing matted, but Sunflower Seeds is gorgeous as well.



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