March 15, 2012

Something a little SWEET :) ,,,Truvía® natural sweetener Product Review

This post is off the beaten path a little, but I really wanted to include a review of all the products I received from my free Influenster February Love VoxBox. If you missed my original post you can watch my unboxing video of my products HERE.

This post is a review for Truvia Sweetener. I have already reviewed my Kiss Nail Dress kit, which I LOVED, and you can see that post HERE

On to the Truvia

Currently I'm a Splenda user, so I was really interested in trying something new. I also love to drink tea, so this was really an exciting product to get my hands on. A big thank you goes out to Influenster for giving me the opportunity to try this.

First, I wanted to start with the packaging. It is super cute and attractive looking compared to it's competitors. I give Truvia props on excellent packaging here. Also, the individual packages have a lot of product in them, much more than your individual Splenda packages. A lot goes a long way, so you do get more product.

Next, on to the texture. I really really liked it. It almost felt like I was having real sugar (I tried it raw out of the package first). It has larger size crystals and I swore I was having real sugar, versus the more powdery texture of Splenda and Sweet n Low.  For a lot of people texture and how it feels in your mouth is really important, and think this is a big selling point for Truvia as a replacement sweetener. I feel a lot of people shy away for these substitutes because the lack of it being like real sugar. In this department Truvia wins over Splenda.

Finally, is the taste. Now this is hard to say if it's great or not, as we each have different things we like and don't like as far as taste.  I love how Splenda tastes and I prefer diet soda over regular. Regular soda actually makes me feel queasy lol. A lot of people do not like any form of diet items complaining it tastes too fake. For me I do not have that problem. It does not bother me in the least and I actually prefer that taste.

To be fair in my review I took my favorite Tea and I brewed it actually the same. In one cup I added Splenda and in another I added Truvia. I mixed them up and even doing that I could instantly tell the difference. Unfortunately to me the Truvia had a really unpleasant after taste :( I could even taste it through my strong flavored tea. The Splenda one tasted more right to me. This is coming from a person that usually likes the fake diet after taste in most other products. I just could not get past that taste. 

I read many reviews on Truvia where others say they preferred it over the taste of Splenda. I really think it's a preference thing. If you haven't tried it I would definitely suggest you give it a try. It was really interesting to do a taste comparison, and you will never know if the taste is to your liking unless you try it. Next time you are out shopping, definitely grab yourself some. I would really love to hear from you guys that do use it, and if you have done comparisons as well. 

Thanks so much for visiting and I will be reviewing my other products as I use them. 

P.S check out my Kiss Nail Dress Kit review. I know I said this a bunch, but they really are amazing!!! I'm on day two and I have beat these things up so much with cleaning, washing my hands lots and they still look perfect! I'm in Love :)

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