February 16, 2012

When I get bored I ...

First I wanted to thank everyone that expressed concerns about me being sick. Today I am feeling much much better and I appreciate all the well wishes.

This is what happens when I get bored. Kelly brought me a bunch of nail art stuff to play with, and I was really bored...so I attacked my Vday Mani lol. It wasn't tacky enough, so I kicked it up some :)

I'm just experimenting before I take this mani off tomorrow. This is the best time to test new things and try new techniques. It's also the best time to practice stamping too. On an old mani that you are about to remove.

This is what I did to it. It's my first time using scotch tape for making tips and the lines are wayyyy off lol, but I really tossed this on for fun and I thought I would share my craziness with you. 

Thanks for stopping by :)  

(excuse my hurt ring finger cuticle in the pics - it got caught on something ouchy)

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