January 1, 2012

NOTD - New Year's Mani


I wanted to share my New Year's Mani with you guys. What I ended up doing was adding a gradient glitter tip to my current Zoya Kelly Manicure. This is my first attempt at adding glitter tips. I used the sponge method to apply the Glitter.  It was much easier said then done lol. 

I added OPI: Rainbow Connection (Muppet's Collection). I know a lot of people were disappointed in this collection because the glitters where not able to be worn alone, but they are perfect for a Glitter Top Gradient. This is the only polish I currently have out of the Muppet's Collection.

There seems to be three sizes of glitters in this polish. One is a multi color small size regular glitter, and mixed in is a gorgeous hex glitter in medium and large sizes. 

The colors are Red, Blue, Pink/Purple, Green, Gold and Silver. It truly is a Rainbow.

Hope Everyone Had a Safe and Happy New Year.

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