January 1, 2012

NOTD - Butter London Black Knight

 (Second Post for the day - make sure you scroll down to see my New Year's Eve Mani)

For today I have on Butter London The Black Knight. I went back and forth on this polish. I wasn't sure If I should purchase this or not.  I knew it was LE, but I still couldn't decide.  Kelly bought me this for Christmas and I am so glad. I'm not sure why it was ever a question to own or not to own - IT IS GORGEOUS!!! Thanks to Kelly for making sure I didn't later regret not getting it, as it seems it's getting harder to find now.

I do have a gripe with this polish though. For me the formula was HORRIBLE, probably one of the worst I have ever worked with. I repeat HORRIBLE about 5 times here. Mine was thick and a complete hot mess.  I HAD to add thinner or I wouldn't have been able to apply it.  It still thickened on me as I went along.  The brush was no fun either.  My brush was scraggly and pathetic looking lol. It was a hot mess all around.

I actually cursed this polish while I was applying it lol. I got so frustrated. Kelly was silent as I cussed and threatened to toss the bottle out the window LOL. This polish has been very popular over at MUA and there have been many pictures of it, but I don't remember anyone complaining about it?? Am I the only one that despises this formula?? Please leave comments below as I'm really curious how you like yours if you own this.

On to pictures...

I did use one coat of Gelous as this is a man eating glitter lol.  Next time I will most likely use two coats of Gelous. I did add SV Ultra-V Top coat and it's now glass smooth. For those of you that don't have it, Gelous (available at Sally's Beauty Supply) is a must have if you like glitters.

I do have to say as much of a Pain this was to apply - it really was worth it. It really does shine! 

There is a Franken formula for this polish, and I'm curious to try it and see what the comparison is.

The Black Knight Franken Formula
(created by Love8Brain)

Sally Hansen Midnight in New York
Sally Hansen Rockstar Pink

I believe you dump 1/3 of the Midnight in New York out of the Bottle and add the Rock Star Pink til full again.  

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  1. I put this on for NYE and I too had a HORRIBLE time with it! It was thick from the get go, and I bought it in the set so I know it hadn't been opened before. I had to use two coats and both were just as miserable. I layered Tart with a Heart over it ala Scrangie. And then all was forgiven! It's a beautiful polish and once the topcoat was on it evened things out but yes, it is a PAIN to apply. So it's not just you.

  2. @yezenia Thank you so much for letting me know it wasn't just me! I considered layering Tart with a Hart ala Scrangie too, but I figured I wanted to just try Black Knight alone for my first time. I will have to try it that way, because I don't think I would ever be motivated to wear it alone again lol.



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