June 1, 2010

Smitten with Mittens and Memorial Day

My Memorial Day was quite hectic.  I went to the Movies and then I had a family gathering (like many of us must have had as well today), so this post is very late :) Better late than never, right?!

I wanted to do something more intricate to honor our brave Heroes for today, but I just didn't get around to it. Time was so limited. To make things easy I figured I would go with a basic red sparkle. I grabbed for Smitten with Mittens.  I totally think this is a gorgeous Polish, it wasn't as bright red as I wanted (more on the deep wine red color in most lightening), but it did the job :) in bright sunlight it does show as very sparkly bright red.

These pictures where taken indoors (as it's dark out already, and best I could do).

I'm not the greatest at applying red polish and this is basically a mess. This is 3 coats with a top coat. I slapped this on as I was running out of the door so it's probably the fastest mani I ever did in my life lol. I was headed out to see Sex in The City 2 (which I LOVED) and I just didn't have enough time for a perfect application.

The color is gorgeous on this one!

The only odd thing about this polish is in the bottle there is a very prominent gold glitter, but on the nail this does not show (at least not indoors out of sunlight).  It looks like a deep red glitter on the nail.

I know I see gold in there - do you? lol :)

Tomorrow when I can be out in bright sunlight, (which I didn't have today), I will take more pictures. I will post those tomorrow and give your the Outdoor sunlight perspective.  Stay tuned :) Hope you all had a great Memorial Day and I send out many prayers and blessings to all our war vets out there.

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  1. ohhhhhhh that's super pretty !!!!!!!!

  2. It's gorgeous. I haven't tried it yet. Aw, too bad the gold doesn't show up :(

  3. Gorgeous polish! So much for our OPI boycott! lol I want one of these now! ;)

  4. That's a really pretty color. I have a similar red with gold where you can't see the gold. It's much more visible in the bottle.

  5. @ rmcandlelight - Yes I wish it showed more and it's strange cuz on the nail there is tons of glitter, but it's red lol.

  6. @ Vibrant V - LOL!!! That totally made me giggle. That's right we are supposed to be mad at OPI ....*puts on mad face* hehehe.



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