May 31, 2013

Naild'it Rock n Dot Fusion

Press Sample Purchased by Me 

I hope everyone is having a nice evening and is staying safe. A lot of terrible storms are coming through the Midwest Area. So far so good here in my neck of the woods in Missouri.

Tonight, I have another New Naild't polish. Andrea of Naild'it has been doing an amazing job bringing us these awesome new creations. I'm liking so many of them! I was sent this one for review as well.

Rock n Dot Fusion. 

Rock n Dot Fusion contains just three basic colors of pink (2 shades), black and white. I love the pink flowers in this, they are beautiful and the bright pink really makes a statement. I layered this over MAC Light Affair. One of my 'go to' nude shades. My skin tone is very light and I love how Light Affair compliments my lighter skin tone.  

The formula on Rock n Dot Fusion was great. I easily brushed this on and the flower glitters came out with no fishing at all. I also love the bar glitter in this, in both black and white.

You all know how I love bar glitters. When using a bar glitter polish you can brush the polish left and right along the nail as well as from cuticle to tip. This ensures you get the bar glitters to point in different directions for a more eye pleasing look. 

Rock n Dot Fusion would also look great on a lighter pink base as well. There are so many options yu can go with.

If you would like to purchase Naild'it polish you can find them at or the Naild'it Etsy Store. Follow Naild'it on Facebook to get up to date information on shop opening times and release dates.

Thank you for visiting.

Press Sample Purchased by Me

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