October 13, 2012

Review of Naild'it Bibbity Boobity BOO

Today I have a really neat polish for you guys. This one is from Naild'it. These polishes can be purchased at Llarowe. Naild'it is one of my favorite Indie polishes, and for good reason too ....

Here is Bibbity Boobity Boo, created for Halloween 2012. 

I layerd this over BB Couture's Joker. I love this purple, and I feel it's perfect for that 'Halloween Purple'. Does that make sense? You all know what I mean hopefully, lol. That purple that works perfect for Halloween time.

This has such an awesome background shimmer to this polish. I also love the glitter colors in this. The rusty orange, the light blues, and the deep purples are such a perfect blend. It just works together so well.

Andrea of Naild'it really knows how to work with her color combinations with glitters. I think this is why I love her so much, lol. These colors are really unique in my collection. I do not have anything else that is even similar to the look of this polish.

How fun is this for Halloween. I think it works just perfect with a purple base like I have it pictured here.. 

This is sparkle beauty at it's best. The glitters lay very flat in this. There were no bumps and lumps at all. I did use Nail Pattern Boldness Glitter Food (aka Fix a Flat) as a top coat with a layer of Seche Vite over it, and I'm 100% smooth. Glitter food can also be found at Llarowe and I highly recommend this if you are a Glitter Indie junkie like myself.

If you are wanting to try an Indie for the first time, I highly recommend Naild'it. I sum Naild'it up as great polishes and great customer service, that's all I ask out of an indie company, and Naild'it does not disappoint

Do you guys like this? What are your thoughts on this polish? Does anyone own this, and if you do please leave me links to your blog pictures if you do. I love to see the different versions people come up with suing these types of polishes!

*The Naild'it polish shown was sent to me for my honest review*


  1. Gorgeous. I just got this and can't wait to try it! Looks great over the color you picked!

  2. This is a beautiful combo! I love purple :)



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