August 31, 2012

Blogger of the Month .....

Evening everyone! I hope everyone is having a safe and happy Friday. Hurricane Isaac has effected so many people in the last several days. He was here all day today in Missouri, and is creating flooding and lots of Tornado Watches/Warnings for the evening. If you are in his path, please be safe!

On to today's post... I wanted to share this with you all. Not to long ago Alexis from 

approached me about featuring me as Blogger of the Month on her blog for September. How exciting!!! I can not tell you how flattered I was by this.  Here is the Link to the BOTM post featuring none other than ME lol :)

This blog is fabulous and I'm so glad she approached me and made herself known to me. If you are not following this blog, you are really missing the boat. Her nails are gorgeous and she has great pictures. Let's show her some love and follow her :) 

Thanks again Alexis! You made my weekend :)

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