June 15, 2012

Pretty In Pink

Today I have a fun one. This is OPI: Pink Me I'm Good. This was a Limited Edition OPI that was sold at Ulta for Valentine's Day in 2010. I really wanted this when it came out, my closest Ulta is a 1 & 1/2 hour drive (each way), and I remember taking the drive just for this polish way back when.

I'm still on vacation, and this one did give me some trouble with application. It was very very thick, and I really needed to have thinner for this. I was on my way out the door for dinner when I was applying it, so by the time I realized I needed thinner it was too late lol. This is one of the those polishes, for me, that does need thinner in between uses.

I made due and I'm really happy how it came out. This is 3 coats. I did very little clean up. I thought being on vacation I would have time for being more picky, and that is just not the case. There is less time LOL.

I used Seche UV and my UV light to dry this in a bout 10 minutes so I can run out the door. It still looks great and I'm having trouble wanting to change this one.

It is a Pink Jelly with gold glitter, and flashes colors of orange/gold to me when in bright light. It is GORGEOUS to say the least. It was so worth the drive for this.

Hope you guys like it! Happy Friday.


  1. OMG not sure what happened but a comment was deleted that I did approve for this post :( rats @ Google.


    'worth the drive!! this one is one of my biggest lems'

    This never happened before, and I'm sure I approved it :( Moderation will be removed if it happens again. Hate for comments to poof. Sorry glassflecked!

  2. wow this is gorgeous!! definitely worth the drive in my opinion :D



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