June 3, 2010

Hello Kitty Fauxnad plates and Nail Art Supplies Haul!

My Hello Kitty Fauxnad Stamping Plates have finally arrived - yippee! Thanks to the lovely rmccandlelight (for providing the site to order these from) I now have my plates!!! 


The above plates come in a set of all 6.  The website where these can be ordered is:

The Price is so reasonable as well and since I was ordering these I decided to get some other nail art supplies as well.  Everything was so cheap :)
Here are the other things I ordered as well.

These are oval shaped gems and I always think these are perfect for highlighting and creating flowers. So many colors as well!

Traditional Round Rhinestones

A Larger sized Round Rhinestone

Random Fun Shapes (half pieces so they lay flat)

Pearls in silver and gold (these are extra tiny but would work awesome for detailed nail work) 

And Rhinestone Stars (my Favorite type of rhinestone)

Remember you can click on any of the pictures above to get a closer look! I hope you enjoyed this type of post.  I usually do not do Haul pictures, but I was so excited about these I couldn't help not to lol.

I leave for vacation in 2 days so I will try squeezing in pictures of these items in use before I take off.  I will do my best.

Thanks for visiting today!

EDITED: the pictures do not do these rhinestones justice they sparkle sooo MUCH and that's always an issue for me when I buy them elsewhere. They are usually real poor quailty and flat looking, but these are really great and sparkle so much! 


  1. Aw, you got them!!! Now I need all those rhinestones etc. they are gorgeous!!! Can't wait to see pics :)

  2. @ rmccandlelight - Oh the rhinestones are a must! The picture does not even do them justice on how really sparkly they are and so dirt cheap too - so worth it! Thanks again for the info on the plates. I have been lemming the Hello Kitty one for quite some time now :)

  3. I ordered mine from that place too :) Super fast shipping considering where they came from.

  4. @ Eva - Exactly!! Hong Kong and (had to sign for them at the door with the mailman) but so fast!

  5. Oh I can't wait to see the look using the HK design!!! Very nice haul!

  6. that's the best four leaf clover i have seen on a stamping plate

  7. @ K&T Makeupa Artistry: I hope I can before I leave for vacation. With all the laundry and packing it's so hard to stop and do my nails :)

    @ peripatetic33: I totally agree. I wish I had this back in March cuz I didn't like the one that is on the real Konad plates. The Shamrock on a string?! lol.

  8. omg! I absolutely <3 Hello Kitty and all other Sanrio characters! The star rhinestones look so fun too.

  9. Wow, I just had a look at the site. It's almost too cheap to be true! Is the shipping really only $1.50 worldwide?

  10. @ Mille ...YES it's true can you believe that lol. It comes from Hong Kong too. I have no idea why it's so cheap but I got a load of things for under 20$'s. It's safe too, so far no problems and the shipping was super fast. The only thing is I had to sign for it at the door so make sure someone can be around to sign for it.

  11. Yay! That looks amazing! You are so lucky to have so many rhinestones now!!



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