December 8, 2014

Some Fun Holiday Nails :)

Press Sample (Barielle)

It's been a VERY long time since I have been here....HI :) I have truly missed the nail community and I'm wanting to come back and spend some time here on my blog and on my PolishHoochie Facebook Page. So for tonight, I did a really fun Holiday Combo to share with you all.  

  • 2 Coats of Barielle - Boho Chic (Fall 2014) 
  • 1 Coat of Once Upon A Time - Posion Apple (Unfortunatley Discontinued) 
  • Top Coat of Northern Lights 
  • Top Coat of Seche Vite
I have not done my nails for photography purposes in ages, so don't look too close, lol.  I wasn't striving for perfection, just trying to get back (SLOWLY) into the swing of things.  Perfection was never my thing anyway HAHAHA :) 


I love how the Northern Lights Top Coat added to this mani, you can see the micro glitters it adds.  Just one picture to start (EDIT: more were added 12/9/14). I got a new MacBook Pro and so far not so good on my Photoshop playing nice with it.  Everything looks distorted, off color and blurry. The base polish is green (very dark green), and in lots of different light sources it most definitely looks black. The pic here is off (sorry). After some intense research I found out that my Photoshop does not support my new Retina Display on My Mac, and it will not work with no update offered. So, for now I had to use this pretty horrible pic lol, but the WONDERFUL hubby is running out after work today to get me the newest Photoshop :) Gotta love him!! 

Better pictures coming soon (EDIT: Added 12/9/14)

Press Sample

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